Welcome to the beautiful city of Gdansk.

Gdańsk is a royal and Hanseatic city, considered a symbolic place of the beginning of the World War II. Gdańsk is also a symbol of the fall of communism in Central Europe and birthplace of “Solidarity”. To make your stay in this beautiful city more attractive, we offer a look at this place from the water side.

We are a company organizing cruises on the route:


We offer two beautiful ships in a galleon-style: “Black Pearl” and “Lion”. The round trip takes about 90 minutes. If you wish you can also stay on the Westerplatte and come back with one of next cruises with the same ticket.

During the trip we provide many attractions and excellent service. There is a bar and restaurant serving delicious meals on international and local cuisine. If you decide to choose our trips – you will not regret it. Our tour is a guarantee of unforgettable moments and a unique atmosphere.






10:00 ; 12:00 ; 14:00 ; 16:00 ; 18:00


10:30 ; 12:30 ; 14:30 ; 16:30 ; 18:30

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11:00 ; 13:00 ; 15:00 ; 17:00 ; 19:00


11:30 ; 13:30 ; 15:30 ; 17:30 ; 19:30

The organizer reserves the right to change the time of departure and the duration of the voyage, including in case of fortuitous events, independent of the Owner, in particular when the Passenger Safety was identified. Detailed regulations and conditions of carriage are available here. The purchase of a ticket is synonymous with the acceptance of the Conditions of Carriage.

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